Climbed The Wrong Ladder?

Does Your Soul Need A Rescue?

You did everything according to the rules, you’ve made sacrifices and it paid off: you’ve achieved certain goals in life.

However, you are not as happy nor as fulfilled as you would have expected. And the trade-offs you've had to make are taking a toll: your soul is hurting. 

You need a change… yesterday!

Let's Fix Your Life!

What if you could wave a magic wand and completely reinvent yourself? 
Where would you be a year from now?

Imagine: waking up every morning full of excitement and eager for another passion-filled day doing meaningful work that benefits the entire world.
Wouldn't this feel amazing? 

That's what BLOSSOM will help you achieve!

12 Months To A Passion-filled Life!

Creating a life that fires your soul can be so easy when you have a system to follow. 

This is exactly what BLOSSOM provides you. 

BLOSSOM will help you identify where you took a wrong turn and course-correct your trajectory, re-ignite old forgotten dreams, and design a couture-fit life that puts your soul front and center.

A year from now you will be thankful you took the leap!

A Fresh Start Without Overwhelm!

One of the reasons why reinventing your life can feel so daunting is that we've been trained to bring our dreams to life through hustle and effort.

Not that hustle and effort don't work. However, that's not the most leveraged approach to get the results you're after.

And honestly, when you find yourself off-track after years invested in building your life, the last thing you want is more hustle and hard work. 

The good news is that it's not necessary: you can start over without overwhelm!

The Secret To A Stress-free Reinvention:

The Universe Has Your Back!

Our universe is a beautiful place governed by immutable universal laws. 

Unfortunately, we're not taught about these laws so we work against the stream and make our lives much harder than necessary.

With BLOSSOM you will learn to harness the power of these universal laws to achieve BIG results with minimal effort. 

Since these immutable universal laws apply to everyone, they have to work for you. 

All you need to do is to consistently follow the fool-proof, step-by-step, time-tested plan laid out in BLOSSOM and you will be amazed by the changes that will unfold in your life. 

An Enchanted Life!

You will soon begin to attract fresh opportunities, unexpected support, doors will open for you as if everything had been choreographed to deliver your new, soul-centered life on a silver platter.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Something for nothing doesn't exist and reinventing your life will certainly require some action on your part. 

However, with BLOSSOM, it'll only be a fraction of what you would normally have to commit to and you'll be supported every step of the way.

Couture-fit Success!

Keeping up with the Joneses is a trap. You're unique, you don't need a hand-me down success formula that will side-track you once again. 

You require a couture-fit solution. 

BLOSSOM will help you create and apply your personal success formula based on your uniqueness.

Good For Your Soul!

All too often success comes at the cost of sacrificing your soul. 

With BLOSSOM, no more moral quandaries! You get the tools to create your best life in a responsible, ethical and beneficial fashion. Get ready to live your best life while making a positive impact!

BLOSSOM Will Help You:

  • Identify where you took a wrong turn.

  • Reconnect with your dreams & your inner guidance.

  • Craft your personal success formula & create your best life.

  • With powerful tools to rebuild your life effortlessly.

  • Eliminate sabotaging mindsets that could side-track you.

  • Mitigate obstacles BEFORE they get in your way.

  • Attract everything you need to birth your new life as if by magic.

A Complete Reinvention System!

Your 12-month Reinvention Plan Includes:

Step 1: Plan Your Reinvention

✓ BLOSSOM: Reinvention Workshop.

You begin your life reinvention journey by following a step-by-step plan laid out in an online video workshop.

The training is spread over 8 actionable videos (over 2h30 of content) that guide you through the process of troubleshooting your life,  reconnecting with your purpose (and your joy!), and manifesting a life you're truly passionate about.

Some of the topics we'll cover: 

  • Upgrading your mindset for an effortless reinvention.
  • Identifying where your life needs an upgrade.
  • Designing your ideal life.
  • Working with universal laws to avoid life reinvention overwhelm.
  • Identifying and mitigating your eventual stumbling blocks.
  • Building your reinvention toolbox to overcome obstacles before they stop you.
  • Creating your reinvention action plan.

✓ Soulful Life Reinvention: Le Workbook.

This inspiring printable workbook is designed to be used alongside with the training videos by completing targeted assignments as the training progresses. 

As you complete these assignments, you work through your challenges and craft  the perfect new blueprint for your life.

Step 2: Manifest Your Transformation.

✓ Dream Life Planner: Your Reinvention Sidekick.

This elegant minimalist 12-month printable reinvention and manifestation planner supports you in implementing the insights gained in the workshop as you take action to manifest your soulful life.

Your Dream Life Planner is chock-full of daily inspiration, goal-setting and manifestation prompts, to-do and to-be lists, habits trackers, regular progress assessments and reminders for accountability and lasting success.

And There's More:

★ Bonus: 4 Office Hours Access (200€ value!)*

Each quarter, you get access to personalized support during Office hours.

Feel stuck? Simply jump online to get yourself back into the flow.

At any time, you can upgrade your BLOSSOM Life Reinvention System with additional one-on-one support whether as a one-off call or as an on-going support package.

Start Risk-free: 14-day Money-Back Guarantee!

For added peace of mind, you may change your mind within 14 days of your purchase and receive a no-questions asked full refund.


"I have saved my relationship! It provided me with a real shot at a dream life that I had not been able reach before. I have come to understand that there are quite a few things I can do to improve my life and not be overburdened by it. And there's a solid method to the madness, it's a science! It was interesting to learn something about the interaction of frequencies that can be a game-changer for my future."


"I experienced a magical moment that can only be the result of the work with my daily routines and visualization. One of my goals was to attract a co-founder for my business and within a few weeks, I attracted a co-founder who fits well with my vision!"


  • Will BLOSSOM help me change career?

    BLOSSOM is designed to support you in creating your best life on your own terms. This may include a new career. However, the specifics of changing career such as resume writing, skill assessment or interview strategies are not the focus of this workshop.

  • Do I have to wait 12 months to get results?

    No! The workshop itself can be completed within a day or two, and you should begin to see results very quickly. Besides the workshop, with your Dream Life Planner and the bonus Office Hours access, BLOSSOM provides you with a year's worth of support to reinvent your life, hence the 12-month reference.

  • What if I get side-tracked? How much support is included?

    Staying on-track during a reinvention is a common concern. After completing the initial workshop and its accompanying workbook, BLOSSOM supports you in several ways. First, your Dream Life Planner provides you with 12 months of daily prompts. As a bonus, you also get 4 quarterly Office Hours access. And if you feel the need for additional 1-on-1 support you can also upgrade your workshop.


Course Instructor

Dominique Andersen

Bonjour, I am Dominique! I help unfulfilled career ladies reinvent themselves and manifest soulful lives. I have worn many hats and reinvented myself quite a few times in attempt to finally find my sweet spot. In the process, I uncovered some unusual tools which I share with you in my offers. You can learn more about me here:

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(*) Office Hours Access are redeemable quarterly and offered in the form of  10 minute individual laser coaching call or in a group call format depending on availability. Bonuses are subject to change without notice.